30 Games In 30 Nights

Game #13: Calgary Flames (March 25, 2015)

March 26, 2015

I was joined for this game by a good friend (Barry Powis), who is a lifelong Calgary Flames fan!  We had our picture taken with a firefighter outside the arena, and I quipped that he may be needed if the Flames get too hot!  I also happened upon a horse outside the Saddledome, near the Stampede grounds.


I met up with a writer/correspondent for a hockey magazine I publish in Calgary:  Jeremy Freeborn.  He helped line up a few of the interviews which took place that night.  Similar to the recent games in Edmonton and Vancouver, there were a number of media requests to talk about the 30games-30nights hockey trip, and also, the charitable component:  Make-A-Wish.


When you settle into your seats in the Calgary Saddledome, you know you are in a hockey town, and in hockey town thick in the playoff race. ¬†There are more home town jerseys in this arena (and by far) compared to any of the arenas I’ve been to so far in my journey. ¬†But as with every rink attended so far, there are always a few out-of-town fans, and in this case, I would estimate approximately 300-400 Dallas fans. ¬†You could hear the Stars fans when the U.S. anthem was sung, when they chanted “Stars” when the word stars was sung. ¬†The Flames fans brought the decibel level up significantly, when the words “sea” (“C”) and “red” were sung. ¬† As for building noise (and despite hearing otherwise from a few Flames fans before the game), this was one of the loudest buildings I’ve been in so far, in particular when the local team scored a goal.


IMG_8131IMG_8099 - Version 2

I wanted to get a picture with the official scorekeepers before the game, but it was the one time my photo request was declined. ¬†(They’re not allowed to be photographed with fans.)

In the second intermission, I was surprised with a visit by Harvey the Hound, who presented me with a very special jersey commemorating my 30 day/30 game trip! ¬†So for one hockey game period, my ¬†custom “30games-30nights” jersey was covered up, but it was hard not to be a Flames fan this night. ¬†It was a very classy for the Flames to do this! ¬†I will be pulling for the Flames to make the playoffs!


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